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10 June 2006 @ 07:46 pm
Italics are speech, or thought speech depending on speaker.

~Standing in a lone shadowy hall is a dark little girl. Barely over five feet tall, with long unkempt hair pulled back into a horse tail, as if she did not care to fuss with management. Her eyes seemed deeply aged, to a stark steely blue that shone with deep thoughts. Glasses perched upon a common nose following down to full lips, cracked from the cold wind with a pale blue outline. Thickened eyebrows shadowed over her pale oval face, as she glanced down behind the way. Neck curved with enticing grace, that bore signs of perhaps a bit of suggestive play with a partner. The pale skin wove across a fragile, small frame that showed only light hints of muscle in both sets of limbs. Draped loosely over her frame was a simple black t-shirt that bore no design nor hint of fashion. Only to be completmented with tight pair of jeans that seemed to atleast fit the wearer. Her feet were bare to the cold hard floor, and toes wiggled freely from confines of a shoe. Only abnormaltiy seemed to be the right foot, with the pinky toe overlapping the one before it from the year of birth.

The writer smiled, noticing the approuch of the new figures into her dark domain. Both pride and aniticipation lighted through her dulling eyes, as she spread her arms wide then sweeping them around her. "Welcome. Watch your step, there might be a plot hole or two along the way." Voices resonated different within the writers realm of reality, it seemed to echoe ones soul. Her smile brightened and nearly danced across her face, hoping the humor effect was apperiated, or atleast understood.

Fading out of the darkness behind the writer, stood a grand figure of science fictional quality. A dusty orange paw lay upon the tiny shoulders of her companion. The matatomeon, her kinds name seemed known and reverbirate through the realms air, stood in a protective nature behind her fragile looking friend. Wings spread open to near full length, splitting the darkness as if a sword, the purple blazing feircly within the confines of such a shadowy dimension. Soon, Purple Heart's muzzle split revealing jagged rows of pearly white canines, though it seems near pleasant. Nose dipped slightly to the newcommers in welcome, as she remained by the writers side. The tail doing a strange dance of sorts behind the astranged warrior, fur rustling slightly as if there might be a breeze present. The matatomeon gently squeezed the shoulder, as if to give reassurance.

The writer nodded slowly, and opened her mouth to speak yet suddenly stopped. Her gaze traveled up to the towering tigress and she seemed to chuckle. It was clear she was intent to speak for herself. {Greetings, though I must remind you whose realm this is. Becareful of Niap, she lurks in the deepest shadows and takes care of those she finds to be a threat. Your bonds, and characters are welcome to interact, however. Most of us are open minded, though do not mistake that for a friendly nature.} Muzzle did not move during her speech, though golden amber eyes seemed intense in concentration of her preferred form of communication. Slit pupils flitted towards the writer, {And honesty is apperiated here of anything we may reveal or share among you. Do not mistake, we will be defensive if taken offense but nothing will turn into a blood bath.} A flash of pearly canines surfaced again, {Not on my watch to say the least.}

Without much warning came the sound of something hurtling through the air. Purple Heart had only turned ears back to listen, when a golden streak struck the furry frame. Revealed was a small dragonic form perched upon the matatomeons head, clearly amused by her ambush. Though her older sister did not seem angered, ears were flat upon the skull as if disapointed in herself for allowing the surprise attack. A high sing song laugh filled the air seeming to come from depths of soil, as Sairen glided off the head chuckling at her own trick. 'Yes, much greetings. Though do not mind my older sister... she tends to be too serious for her own good. Don't let that grump of a look fool you either.' The speech of English reveals slightly slurred bearing the orgin of a long serpent tongue. Twisting her head around to point out the exact look of trained face within the warriors eyes. 'TG will open up, eventually.' Her eyes roll slightly, at the comment knowing it will be some time before she warms up to others. Bounds foward slightly her tail eqauling her own length flexing and moving with the same strange grace, the blades glinting slightly at the tip. She settles upon the pads of her hind quarters, wings relaxed upon the twisting muscular frame. Stares at the new writers and jerks her own long muzzle back towards the writer, 'One thing not to forget, don't let her trick you with her... "Oh my art, my writing its unworthy!" She actually is quite good. Best of your species we could find really. Not saying neither of your skills are good... she is just better suited for the job.' The writer quickly blushes and begins to mumor some remarks of exageration and that she knows many more that surpass her. 'Oh hush!' Sairen chirps in a motherly fashion and flutters her wings slightly, the soft amberish gold seeming to catch an unknown light.

For a moment the writer stands before her guests, allowing her blush to burn itself out. Yes well Clears her throat as if to dismiss the praise without saying it directly. Allow me to give you some pieces of mine that I sketched not long back of my companions. The powerful three, as the first nick name they've gotten. Do enjoy your stay. With that mist rolls upon the surface of this vast space, and a table appears with mints, chocolates and a pitcher of Lemonade. Rubs the back of her neck, in an almost anime fashion she loves to express and begins to sort through some of her works to find more to publish.~
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