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13 June 2006 @ 04:27 pm
A figure began to fade into existence of the black nothing that was the backdrop. As her features began to clarify, her brown blonde hair puffed out before setting to its new home around her chin. Multi-colored eyes blinked as her vision cleared, showing her the glowing haze that was herself in the nothing. She was fair skinned, dressed in a teal, well fitted tank top that had black and silver writing across the front, brown cargo pants, slung low across her hips, and teal tennis shoes. Two silver rings and a pair of silver earrings caught some unseen light. She floated silently in the blackness, as if she was sitting on unseen object.

She looked tentatively around the darkness as she stepped off her ‘chair’, testing to see if the darkness would support her weight. “Don’t worry, there is ‘ground’ there,” a silky voice said from the nothing. The girl whipped around in circles until she saw a haze walking towards her, slowing condensing into a being, much as she had just done.

She smiled as the figure took shape. Amber eyes, flecked with the most peculiar shade of green seemed to smile at her, soon to be followed by a muzzle baring glistening, white, predatory teeth that she new would not hurt her, well not yet at least. The creature walked with a feline grace, that she soon realized was due to the digit-grade feet that she stood on. She? How do I know it’s a she? “Because you know me,” the liquid voice answered as the tan-yellow fur rippled with black markings, a combination of stripes and spots. The long tail danced happily behind the creature as she stepped up to the girl, standing several heads higher as she looked down, unfurling her pure white wings, imprinted with a faint feather pattern before bowing in greeting. “I am AngelWing.”

“And I am EmeraldWing,” a voice purred from behind her. She jumped and turned half-way around to look where the voice came from. There stood another of these felines, looking exactly like the one in front of her, save she was her own height, had only spots and deep green wings, so green they where almost black. The girl swallowed slightly and smiled as the displaced light caught the gold jewelry of the two creatures.

“Emerald, stop scaring our guest,” AngelWing scolded. EmeraldWing smirked before pouncing the other creature, sending them into a ball of fur, wings, tails, and dress. She chuckled as she watched the two of them, sitting in an ‘invisible’ chair again.

Do you think this is the one Angel?
She seems mature enough, Emerald.
And Creative enough.
We have searched long enough.
And she does have the desired traits, the backgrounds that we need her to have to understand.
She will do. She will do.
Oh she will be wonderful, just you wait and see.

Without warning the two of them, Matatomeons, appeared behind her. She blinked and turned to AngelWing. “You put that word in my head.” Angel smiled and nudged EmeraldWing. “I told you that you know me, and you know Emerald.” “We have chosen you to tell our tale, or at least our half of the tale,” Emerald said with the faintest of an accent that was not used to speaking in her language. “But in doing so, we are granting you with knowledge few will understand and fewer still will believe what we tell you. Some of the tales we share with you we wish to be shared.” Angel stepped forward, “And some we will tell you and only you, for is some knew, your life would be erased.”

The girl nodded slowly, affirming what they had told her. “Though I think I know who the other one you chose is.” Angel just chuckled as the girl stood up again, this time with a smirk. “And as such, where shall we start?” Emerald’s tail swished around her footpaws as she exclaimed, “The beginning of course!” The girl shook her head. “Yes, but which beginning?”
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10 June 2006 @ 07:46 pm
Italics are speech, or thought speech depending on speaker.

Long, very long... O.oCollapse )
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